Shocking Weddings…Must Watch!

As we grow up, we often dream about our wedding day. Daydreams of that special day often replicate a fairytale wedding with proud guests looking on and romance fills the air. For many, weddings are a time to celebrate the union of two people in love. A traditional wedding includes a white gown, bridesmaids, a groom, groomsmen, something borrowed, something blue, cake, flowers, etc. These days, some weddings even feature two brides or two grooms. But overall, they remain traditional. In other parts of the world, weddings are celebrated a bit differently with variations of similar customs. But in some cultures, there are weddings that are just downright bizarre and go against social norms when it comes to tying the knot. While most people are open-minded about what other cultures do for weddings, there are some practices that just plain bizarre no matter where you live on this planet.
In this video are ten bizarre weddings in other cultures. If there’s a wedding here that originates from your part of the world, you should look into it and see if the ceremony is being replicated! It’s hard to gauge why a couple would want to have a bizarre wedding, but we can guess. Sometimes it’s just for press coverage while other couples want to have a truly unique experience that’s different from what their friends and family are doing. The quest for being different often has weird results, and it is sometimes hard to see the motive behind the execution.