South China Sea Issue – Japan Expresses ‘Deep Concern’…

Japan’s annual defence review has expressed “deep concern” over what it sees as China’s coercion in dealing with other nations. Natasha Howitt reports. Japan has released its annual Defence White Paper– expressing particular concern over what it views as an increasingly assertive and coercive China. Less than a month ago, an international arbitration court ruled against China’s sweeping claims in the South China Sea. Beijing, which claims most of the area, refuses to recognize it.

Defence Minister Gen Nakatani warned of “unintended consequences” from such an assertive disregard of international rules. JAPANESE DEFENCE MINISTER, GEN NAKATANI, SAYING: “China is poised to fulfill its unilateral demands without compromise, and we’re deeply concerned about its future direction.” Japan doesn’t have a territorial claim in the South China Sea. But $5 trillion worth of trade passes through it each year – much of it to and from Japanese ports.

This year’s White Paper is almost a tenth longer than last year’s. A significant portion of it outlines the country’s deepening alliance with the U.S – China’s most powerful adversary in the region.


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