Human Foot Was Found In The Freezer. Sounds Weird But Look How True…

I’ve heard of “cold feet,” but this?

We’ve all found weird stuff in our freezers: months-old popsicles, leftovers from that one time we cooked, human feet… wait, what?!

That’s what happened to a woman in Goldsboro, NC. Her neighbor sold her the freezer for $30, but told her not to open it for a few weeks. She dutifully complied, holding on to the freezer for three whole weeks before popping it open to discover what she claims to have “recognized” as that same neighbor’s mother’s foot.

I have so many questions. Why did she buy a freezer without looking inside it? Half of the freezers I’ve seen are grody in one way or another; you’d think that she’d look a $30 horse in the mouth and figure out what’s up with it before taking the plunge. How did she recognize the foot as her neighbor’s mother’s? I’ve had the same neighbors for four years, and I’m not even sure what their faces look like (then again they’re creepily anti-social).

And most importantly, WHY JUST A FOOT?! Where’s the rest of the body? Maybe it’s just some diabetic’s foot that fell off? I know I’m always forgetting my keys; maybe this foot’s owner was planning on taking the foot out later but couldn’t remember where she put it.

Source : WT