Died Frozen Man brought Back to Life

Died Frozen Man Back to Life
Last February 21, 2015, a coroner declared Justin Smith, 25, of McAdoo, PA, dead. Justin was found frozen solid in a snowbank after temperatures had dropped to -4 degrees Fahrenheit overnight. Amazingly – thanks to incredible teamwork among first responders and Lehigh Valley Health Network caregivers in both Hazleton and Allentown – Justin is alive today. Experience his remarkable story of survival for yourself and hear from cardiothoracic surgeon James Wu, MD, and others who helped save his life. He was brought back to life after being found with no pulse within the snow. Even though the doctors never give up and they trying hard to revive him by slowly warming/defrosting him while performing CPR at the identical time, and therefore the doctor having faith and not abandoning him.”That’s the truth that keeps him alive. Miraculous things happened. He alive and back his normal life is that amazing real rare one of a kind.