Meet The Amazing Transgender Star And YouTube Sensation Who Has Tiny Legs…Check Her Story Here!

Transgender Star Piyah Martell has a condition called Caudal Regression Syndrome which means she was born with tiny legs and cannot walk on them. But it has not stopped her dream of becoming a star; she films herself performing music videos, becoming a hit on You Tube and Myspace. Piyah was born as Pedro Martell but announced to her parents at the age of 15 that she wanted to transition to becoming a girl. She began buying women’s outfits and wearing make-up and is now considering taking hormones and having a sex change operation. Piyah, who has a short spine and appears to have just half a body, had a hard life as a child, losing her real mum at eight, being bullied at school, and seeing her step-mum go through treatment for terminal cancer. But Piyah, who has to walk on her hands, has coped with everything by retreating into her own world of music and performing.